Department of Fetal Medicine

Department of Fetal Medicine was developed with the idea to cater to the specialized needs of Pregnant ladies, Fetus & their well-being. The department offers high-quality services to the patients with effective coordination between the department of fetal Medicine, obstetrics & Genetics department for the benefit of patients.

High-quality Ultrasound scans like Viability scan, Nuchal scan, Anomaly scan, Cardiac scan, Cervical scan, Well-being scan etc. are routinely done along with specialized procedures like amniocentesis, cardiocentesis, chorionic villus sampling, intrauterine blood transfusion, fetal reduction etc.


The fetal Ultrasound department is equipped with a high-resolution Samsung HS40 Machine to provide the best quality care.
  • Early diagnosis of fetal abnormalities
  • Screening for chromosomal defects
  • Development of safer techniques for prenatal diagnosis
  • Intrauterine fetal surgery
  • Prediction and prevention of stillbirth
  • Prediction and prevention of pre-term birth
  • Preeclampsia and fetal growth restriction
  • Problems of multiple pregnancies


The Department’s primary objectives are to promote and expand education and research in fetal medicine and facilitate rapid translation of research findings into clinical application. The Department encourages and organizes continuing professional education programs, promoting of public awareness, advocating standards of practice and enunciating clinical and technical guidelines.

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